Jump Rope for Heart- William’s Story

William is the first child that lives in Saskatchewan to be ambassador for Jump Rope for Heart! This year close to a million kids across Canada will participate in Jump Rope for Heart in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. William’s story will be on every pledge envelope as well as shared at all the school presentations with this video:

Heart and Stroke Foundation funded research has helped with tools to improve the early detection of congenital heart disease like William’s. William didn’t have any symptoms like shortness of breath or blue lips. William’s lungs were having to produce a third more oxygenated blood and the chamber in his heart was enlarging from the toonie size hole. If this was not detected early William would eventually collapse from his heart and lungs working too hard. If this would have happened William may not have survived. I am so grateful that William can be ambassador for Jump Rope for Heart this year! Donations help fund breakthroughs that save lives like William’s. Check out the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website for great resources on heart health and to make a donation.