Give A Gift From The Heart This Holiday Season

Certain dates mean something to each of us. December 1st will always remind me of the first time I had to leave William to be put to sleep for his first MRI. He was screaming mom and I just had to walk away down the long hallway and through the swinging doors. Once you go through the swinging doors you can’t go back unless you are buzzed back in. It was so hard to take every step away from him. I wanted to just hold him until he was asleep. William’s MRI was what fast tracked his open heart surgery in February 2016 and everything that followed.

When I look at him this morning I am so grateful for how well he is doing and that they were able to repair his heart with no adverse side effects. He will be able to enjoy this holiday season unlike some other children that will be in the hospital receiving care for their heart condition! The Pediatric Cardiology Department in Saskatoon has amazing staff and I am so grateful to be able to continue to help support them however I can. There is a Saskatchewan Children’s Heart Fund (Mending Little Hearts) set up through the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan so this holiday season when you are thinking of giving back please consider donating to this fund. Donations can be made through the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan and support children right here in Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan Children’s Heart Fund  #1 – 345 Third Avenue S  Saskatoon, SK  S7K 1M6

Here is a great article on some of the great things that the Pediatric Cardiology Department are doing:

Thank you for your support and happy holiday season!

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