Peanut Butter & Mice


William’s appetite has sure increased since his open heart surgery. We are grateful for this as I have talked to a few families that have had feeding issues after child’s surgery. This morning after already eating a whole turkey sandwich, William asked for a peanut butter and jam bun.

While I was making it William went to grab the big jar of peanut butter out of the cupboard and I told him that we don’t use that one for us just for the mice!

William said,”How on earth do mice eat that their mouths are so small?”

I replied, “They lick it and don’t have a bun with their peanut butter.”

William then said,”That’s Impressive!”

He has now gained 7 pounds since his surgery and is wearing size 4 clothes! William loves play school, hockey and anything to do with farming. We love watching him eat so well and to see him so healthy!