The Tenth

The tenth of every month will always remind me of William’s open heart surgery and always be a day that allows me to reflect and be grateful. To hug our little boy a little tighter and to remember how fortunate we are.

Today is a special tenth as it has been 6 months since William’s open heart surgery! In some ways it feels like longer but on the tenth I still re-live a part of that day.

At this time of day on February 10th William was out of surgery and in the pediatrics intensive care unit (PICU). He was screaming and crying for water and food. “I’m so thirsty and hungry, you are trying to starve me,” he would scream. I felt sick, helpless and heartache I have never felt before. I felt like I wasn’t meeting our child’s basic needs. This went on for another hour and then we were able to give him some water on a swab until the doctor saw him at 8pm. This only made things worse and made William more upset because it wasn’t enough water. He had not had anything to drink since 9pm the night before. Every minute seemed to last an hour. I remember looking at the clock and it finally being 8pm and asking William’s nurse where the doctor was. The doctor was at the nurse’s station. When I asked William’s nurse to go get him so we know if we could give him some water he said he couldn’t leave William’s side.

I walked over to the nurse’s station and said to the doctor, “Can’t you hear our son screaming?” There was no response. I then said,”Can you please come and check on him and let us know if he can have water now?” He said,”I’ll be there when I can.” It was 8:45pm when we saw the doctor and were able to give William some water in his water bottle. William was so over it by then that he became inconsolable. He was then given medication to calm him down which caused him to hallucinate. The remainder of the evening was a blurr of William saying things that didn’t make sense to him screaming in pain to him crying for water and food. To this day William always wants his water bottle filled to the Top Of The Lid!

Today I want to thanks to everyone that has been there for us and supported us! We are forever grateful and I don’t know if you will ever know the impact you have had in our lives and on our hearts! William is doing great and is growing like a weed! His cracked heart is fixed! Today we celebrate another milestone in his recovery!image.jpg

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