That’s A Wrap!

We just finished the filming and photos for the Heart and Stroke Foundation videos! Doing these video interviews was a lot harder than I thought. I haven’t really talked about every appointment from when we first knew about William’s heart condition, right through to surgery and recovery in a long time. There definitely was a lot of raw emotion that came out. I had apologized a few times but then realized that I will always have the memory and feelin around all the milestones on this journey. The film crew was amazing and you could see they were very touched by everything, in fact they even teared up a few times. William of course was a little star and played with all his toys while explaining every piece on all the equipment. He told the film crew where the scoop was on his excavator and what it does. It was so sweet! Carly did a private interview which I can’t wait to hear! It will be exciting to see how it all comes together. Stay tuned!


A First For The Province and Canada

Today I had the pleasure of talking with a group of people from the Heart and Stroke Foundation that will oversee a project that we are very excited to be a part of! William will be the first ever child ambassador for Jump Rope for Heart from Saskatchewan. His story will be shared across Canada in up to 4000 schools this school year. Close to a million children participate yearly in the program learning about heart health, jumping rope and raising money for a great cause. Having worked for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in the past with this program it means a lot to be able to still contribute.

Tomorrow we will have a camera crew coming to film the video for Jump Rope for Heart as well as a general video that can be used by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. When I talked to William about it he was so excited that people he didn’t know were coming to our house from Saskatoon and bringing him a skipping rope. Carly was equally excited but for different reasons. She wants to be on camera and feel like a movie star. It will definitely be an exciting day for us as a family as we will celebrate my birthday, 193 days since William’s surgery and the filming of these videos!

“This Is How Research is Creating Survivors”                                                                                           Click link here to see all the milestones that have come from Heart and Stroke funded research:

Donate to The Heart and Stroke Foundation:   

Emails From Wiliam’s Nurses

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate we are that William’s surgery went so well. That we had all the support we had and continue to have. I also think about what we can do to support others. There are families that are going through this now, will be going through this or have to go through this again. We will continue to help support Pediatric cardiology in Saskatoon but to receive these two emails really touched my heart! These two amazing nurses provided us so much support and more importantly take care of William by going above and beyond to make his appointments as easy on him as possible. I have so much appreciation for all they do for heart families!


The Tenth

The tenth of every month will always remind me of William’s open heart surgery and always be a day that allows me to reflect and be grateful. To hug our little boy a little tighter and to remember how fortunate we are.

Today is a special tenth as it has been 6 months since William’s open heart surgery! In some ways it feels like longer but on the tenth I still re-live a part of that day.

At this time of day on February 10th William was out of surgery and in the pediatrics intensive care unit (PICU). He was screaming and crying for water and food. “I’m so thirsty and hungry, you are trying to starve me,” he would scream. I felt sick, helpless and heartache I have never felt before. I felt like I wasn’t meeting our child’s basic needs. This went on for another hour and then we were able to give him some water on a swab until the doctor saw him at 8pm. This only made things worse and made William more upset because it wasn’t enough water. He had not had anything to drink since 9pm the night before. Every minute seemed to last an hour. I remember looking at the clock and it finally being 8pm and asking William’s nurse where the doctor was. The doctor was at the nurse’s station. When I asked William’s nurse to go get him so we know if we could give him some water he said he couldn’t leave William’s side.

I walked over to the nurse’s station and said to the doctor, “Can’t you hear our son screaming?” There was no response. I then said,”Can you please come and check on him and let us know if he can have water now?” He said,”I’ll be there when I can.” It was 8:45pm when we saw the doctor and were able to give William some water in his water bottle. William was so over it by then that he became inconsolable. He was then given medication to calm him down which caused him to hallucinate. The remainder of the evening was a blurr of William saying things that didn’t make sense to him screaming in pain to him crying for water and food. To this day William always wants his water bottle filled to the Top Of The Lid!

Today I want to thanks to everyone that has been there for us and supported us! We are forever grateful and I don’t know if you will ever know the impact you have had in our lives and on our hearts! William is doing great and is growing like a weed! His cracked heart is fixed! Today we celebrate another milestone in his recovery!image.jpg

My Cracked Heart

Driving home from friends tonight and William says, “Mom where did I go again to get my cracked heart fixed.”


William-Well how did I get to the hospital?

Me- We walked over from the hotel.

William- So we walked to the car and drove to Edmonton?

Me- No you and daddy flew to Edmonton and then I picked you up from the airport with Carly and Lynnie Grandma

William- So is that the hospital beside the adult hospital

Me- Yes

William- I remember now. Oh look we are almost home just in time for bed.

It amazes me the things he remembers and the things his body and mind chose to forget. I still remember it all so vividly but I’m glad he is moving forward and hasn’t had any nightmares for over a month!