Paying it Forward- Supporting The Stollery Children’s Hospital

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Today is an exciting day and my heart is filled with gratitude! The photo books I put together for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton are complete and I can now mail them to the pre-admission clinic there. These photo books  of William’s pre-admission clinic and surgery day as well as his recovery will help the nurses and other staff to prepare and educate other families about what to expect when their child has open heart surgery.

I know how important it was to us to see photos prior to William’s surgery of another families son that had open heart surgery. It was definitely hard to take in but all the information in the “Preparing For Open Heart Surgery” documents we received from hospital made more sense because of this family sharing with us. It helped us to prepare in a way that we couldn’t have. Without the visual and explanation this family provided to us from the Little Hearts Family Group our understanding would have been less and we wouldn’t have coped as well.

We feel grateful to be able to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital in this way and are forever grateful to all the staff there that helped us through what was was one of the hardest things we have faced as a family. We are now able to pay forward the support we received to other families! ❤️

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