What a wonderful weekend!


This weekend was such a great a weekend! Saturday we gave William his mini sticks for hockey back for him to play with. He was very excited and he played hockey while Carly was the announcer. We then went for a walk to the creek and threw rocks, played with our puppy Buttons and of course more mini sticks. That afternoon we had good friends arrive to stay for one night. William loved playing more mini sticks with Andrew and hanging out. After the great news earlier in the week Regan and I both felt we could relax and just enjoy William being a happy, healthy three year old. William was definitely ready for bed by 7:30pm.

On Sunday after our company left both kids had a nap. We wanted to ensure they were rested prior to swimming in the afternoon. We woke William at 3:15pm to tell him that we were going swimming. He was excited but looked a little confused. Finally on the drive in he said, “Uh Oh!” We said, “What?” William replied, “This is how my heart surgery started when I went swimming.” We then realized that he remembered swimming the day prior to his surgery. That marked the beginning of heart surgery in his mind. It really amazed Regan and I that he made that connection but also made us realize that this swim would represent the end of this part of his journey with his heart condition and for us as a family. This would close a chapter and open another one in his life, one full of greater health and energy.

The look on William’s face when he realized he could actually go in the water was something I will never forget. He swam for a good hour and half and had so much fun. We then had a wonderful supper and visit with great friends. These are the moments that create the memories for our family that will last a lifetime. Everyday we are grateful that his surgery went so well, recovery went great and that we have the support we have in our lives. William is a strong and heart healthy three year old.

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