7 Week Post Surgery-Great News!

I woke up feeling anxious about William’s follow-up appointment today with little sleep last night. William has been recovering so well but today we would hear from the pediatric cardiologist at Royal University Hospital just how well.

William’s appointment would include the same tests as his other follow-ups. Height, weight and blood pressure were taken. We then were taken to a room for his Echo-cardiogram and ECG. We were able to see the patch on his heart and were told that soon the heart muscle will grow over the patch and we will not see it. William did just as great as he usually does except when they wanted to take the electrodes (stickers) off. He started crying before the nurse/tech even tried. She then told William it wouldn’t hurt if he blew really hard. She said, ” Blow so hard my bangs blow back, way back.” William did just that and was fine for all of them to be removed. We then waited for the pediatric cardiologist to come and review the echo and ECG with us.

When the pediatric cardiologist came in he checked over the pictures from the echo, listened to William’s pulse, heartbeat and checked his incision. Then we got the news that we were hoping for. William’s heart is coping very well from the surgery. His enlarged heart chamber is going back to it’s original size and the patching of the toonie size in his heart was successful. His pulmonary veins were re-routed with no concerns. He will need blood work to check his iron level in two weeks with his family physician but otherwise he is doing great.  William has gained 2.5 pounds in 6 weeks and definitely has more energy. We don’t need to take him for another follow-up for 9 months!!!

We then asked if we could give him his mini-sticks back for hockey and take him swimming. He has missed both of those so much. When the cardiologist said yes, it was like music to my ears and I held back tears of joy. I can’t wait to see his face when we give him his mini-sticks and hockey nets back or when we take him swimming for the first time since his open heart surgery. This has definitely been one of the best days of my life!

Above shows the image of  the echo (center white line going diagonally is William’s patch (under what looks like a white triangle)

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