Conversations with William

William has always been our little comedian. For being just three years old he understands humor so well.  He is always so much fun to have a conversation with. He knows if you are joking around or being serious and he is always saying the funniest things. I wanted to share some of our conversations during his recovery time.

I asked William where he was going and he said,”Mom I’m going to go for a scooter ride and get you beer, snacks and a pillow so you can relax.”

William licked one of his tears after he fell up a couple of stairs onto his chest.  He said,”My heart was hurt in the fall but not too badly.”  I then asked him what his tear tasted like to distract him from the pain. He said, “Food” and smiled.

William said, ” Mom my shirt is all wet and so is my tummy.” “Can we make a plastic making machine?” I asked him why. “Well mom, if I had a plastic making machine I can cover myself with plastic so I don’t get wet.” I then said,” William how do you make a plastic making machine.” “It’s easy mom, you take snow, tree branches and water.”

I still remember the nurse at the Stollery Children’s Hospital asking William if we had a dog. William said, “We did until it ran under the truck, then we threw dirt on it.” The nurse didn’t understand at first that Luna, our dog had passed away. William asked for me to dig her up for a long time after she had passed so he could play with her.

I have always really enjoyed my conversations with William. He is so smart and inquisitive. I find myself trying to take more time each day to enjoy moments like these. These conversations have become such wonderful memories for me. I am often reminded like I was again today how blessed we are with how well William’s surgery went and also how well his recovery is going. I know not to take for granted our time together because as I was was reminded of today by someone; not even thirty to forty years ago we would have lost William at some point and not known why.  His heart and lungs would have eventually given up ftom the hole in his heart and pulmonary veins pumping to the wrong chamber of his heart. William’s heart condition was repaired and I am grateful I live during a time where heart conditions like these can be detected and repaired. Life is unpredictable, always remember to enjoy every day and cherish moments like these.






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