Post Surgery Follow-up

This morning William had his post surgery follow up in Saskatoon at Royal University Hospital. William was a little anxious about this appointment and while we were waiting in playroom with him he kept asking if they were going to hurt him. We reassured him that they weren’t and that they just wanted to check his heart to make sure everything was good after his surgery. We had fun playing while we waited. He loved the cement truck and how tall he looked in the silly mirror.

We then were called by the paediatric cardiology nurse. She took William’s weight and height. William has only lost 2 ounces since surgery and with the way his appetite is coming back I’m sure he will regain that weight back in no time. We then met with Dr. Pharis for William’s general check-up, Echo and ECG. William laid nice and still for his Echo and Dr. Pharis was able to show us where the patch was in William’s heart. The hole in William’s heart was the size of a toonie so there was a large patch in place. The Echo also confirmed the patching was successful and there is no blood going cross chamber like there was prior to surgery. The pulmonary veins were re-routed successfully and there was no fluid around his heart. William’s one chamber of his heart is still enlarged but we should see a decrease in this at his next appointment. The cardiac nurse then removed the sutra stitch below his rib cage where his drainage tube was. William was worried this would hurt but they reassured him it wouldn’t. He was very curious to watch as they removed the stitch and did really well with it. William then had his ECG which confirmed that his heartbeat was regular. Over the next 4-6 weeks our job is to ensure that the sternum is kept safe from injury and that we increase the iron in his diet. William needs to watch how much he lifts, pulls and pushes over this period of time as well as stay away from swimming, skating and rough play. William’s iron levels will be tested at his next appointment to ensure that they are back to normal after the blood loss from surgery. We couldn’t be more happy with his follow-up!

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