Time for Surgery

At 11:30 we went down to get his hospital pyjamas on. As soon as he was dressed he said “I look like a doctor.” The next hour was challenging because he was getting really hungry and thirsty. There were a few moments where I thought he was going to get really upset but we were able to distract him. We managed to distract him and keep him busy which kept his mind off of his stomach. When they came down to get us I rode up to the surgical ward on the bed with him. He said “this is so warm and cozy mommy” as we rode the bed up the elevator. After a short wait they put a gown on me and a surgical cap to which he asked for one too. William and I were then wheeled down the hall into the room that his surgery would be complete in. He was so brave and did so great! Everyone in the operating room thought he was so cute with his glasses and surgical cap. We then sang Oh Canada until they gave him the anesthetic to put him to sleep. He cried a few seconds and fell asleep while I was hugging him. it was hard to say good-bye for now but I was glad I held him until he was asleep. The staff has been so wonderful.

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