Where we are at….

Arrived safe in Edmonton…….

Carly, Mom and I drove up from Melfort. The morning was busy with cleaning and getting everything caught up but also trying to get away at a decent time. We were also filled with a bit of excitement and relief knowing that we were all healthy and the surgery will move forward.

Regan and William flew to Edmonton. The Air Canada Foundation took care of their flights through their Family Transportation program. We were contacted by Jana from the Children’s Hospital Foundation about this program. This program has taken a huge weight off our shoulders. Regan and I were concerned about the seven hour drive home after William’s surgery. William still uses a five point harness car seat and the clip will sit right where his incision is. After the surgery, Regan and William will fly to Saskatoon and he will only have the short drive back to Melfort in his car seat. We’re so grateful to this program.

Once we picked up the boys from the airport we settled into the Campus Inn Tower and Suites by the Stollery Children’s Hospital. This place is perfect for families; it’s within walking distance to the hospital and everything else we might need, like groceries. The Ronald McDonald house currently has no availability. This makes me think how blessed we are to have so much love and support but it also upsets me to think of what it is like for other families who do not have that support; on top of trying to cope with the emotional roller coaster.

In two days we will sign the surgery papers to give permission for William’s open heart surgery knowing in detail what this surgery will involve. Knowing that William will not look the same when he comes out. Knowing that he will be in pain. Knowing that he can’t play hockey in our living room, swim or even raise his arms to get dressed like he did yesterday. How do other families get through this? I know in my heart that going through this will open our eyes to how we can help other families who are going through the same thing. Before making the trip to Edmonton I struggled to get through each day. It was hectic getting everything wrapped up with work and hard to let go and pass that off to someone else. When I came home I felt exhausted but just wanted more and more time with both kids. Every bear hug William gave me I didn’t want to end. After surgery those will have to wait. It’s crazy how going through this makes you realize how important those little things are and that we all need to slow down and enjoy those moments with our children or people we love. Life is so precious and we never know what will happen. We have received so much love and support this week. I feel it’ll be easier to get through the next few days because of all the love and support we are surrounded with.


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