Little Hearts Family Group

Yesterday evening I spoke with Charlotte from the Little Hearts Family Group. Speaking with her about her experience through her son’s numerous open heart surgeries and recovery has been so helpful to us. I know her and her husband along with other members of Little Hearts Family Group just want to help other people who are going through what they have gone through. I also know I can call them anytime which means more than I think they know. I met with her and her husband a few weeks back after seeing their pamphlet in our package from the hospital. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the information that is given to you so I reached out to them. You receive a package from RUH in Saskatoon as well as from the Stollery in Edmonton. There is a lot of great information but for me nothing compares to talking to someone that has been through it.

We met for coffee and discussed what they had been through and any questions I had. I think it’s one thing to read through information but it’s a complete different thing to hear first hand what it was like. I find I absorbed more and felt more prepared. I think the hardest part of the conversation was when Jason, Charlotte’s husband asked me if I wanted to see a picture of their son after surgery. Seeing the picture was overwhelming, I guess I wasn’t expecting so many tubes and machines. I think if they hadn’t shared this with me I would completely lose it in a few weeks when he comes out of surgery. When you read through the After Surgery information in your package you can’t really picture what it will look like. The Little Heart Family Group is a Saskatchewan family support group for children with an acquired or congenital heart condition and their families. Their website is:

Thank-you Charlotte and Jason from the bottom of our hearts for giving us support that has truly helped us to feel more prepared.

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