William’s Pre-Op Questions

This morning we were getting ready to leave to bring Carly to school and William asked if he had daycare. I said that you have a Dr. appointment today. He said “I’m not putting my jacket and boots on, never ever!” “Is the Dr. going to hurt me when he fixes my heart?” I said “The doctor will give you special medicine so that you don’t feel pain but today is just your eye appointment not your surgery.” Then he was fine to get dressed and he visibly relaxed.

In the car he asked me how they fix the hole in his heart. I told him that they will put a special patch on his heart to cover the hole. He said “Is it like when you have a hole in a tire and they put a patch on it?” I was so amazed that he made that comparison. He then said once the hole is fixed the air will stay in and not keep coming out. I then told him that then the blood in his heart will go where it needs to to keep him healthy. I feel so fortunate that he talks so well and asks lots of questions because then he will understand as much as he can or should for now. Each day he asks us if it is today that they will fix his heart. In fifteen more days we will be able to answer yes to that question.

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