Mexico and William’s 3rd Birthday

We booked a holiday to Mexico to be able to get away with the kids from Dec. 12th-19th. We felt that we all needed this trip and break from everything prior to his surgery. Regan and I knew that while we were away William’s Cardiologist would present William’s MRI results to Edmonton and would conference with Edmonton in regards to his surgery. The ball would be moving forward and being away from it all would help us to feel like everything was normal for that period of time with no worries, planning and thinking. We definitely had a great holiday with some great friends. We took each day as it came and had so much fun! William loved the beach and swimming in the pools, something he won’t be able to do for 6-8 weeks after his surgery. We celebrated William’s 3rd birthday in Mexico and had a great day at the Pirate Ship Waterpark, pool and out for supper at the Italian Restaurant Mama Mia. William then played musical chairs during the pre-show and did really well, it was cute to watch him just casually sit down when the music stopped while all the others kids were rushing and running to find a chair. This holiday was definitely something I will never forget and was full of so many great memories.

Sunday we had a few family and friends over to celebrate William’s birthday at home. I found it hard to focus that day as I knew that Monday morning we were to call about William’s surgery and was feeling anxious about it. At least when you are busy and with great friends and family the time seems to pass quicker. William had alot of fun and really enjoyed his John Deere themed cake!

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