After MRI

I have wanted to write a post for awhile to update everyone but honestly have just been struggling with the reality that things are moving forward to surgery and feel like they are moving fast. After William’s MRI we received a call from William’s pediatric cardiologist on December 9th to discuss the results of his MRI. William’s MRI showed no other issues with his heart that we were not aware of. This was really good to hear and I definitely felt a sense of relief. She then went on to discuss when surgery would be and when would work best for us. William’s condition needs open heart surgery or it can become lift threatening with no solution but is not considered urgent. It was not even a question in our minds about waiting for her to present William’s case to Edmonton even though we knew that when she did we could receive the call with a surgery date at any point and need to be there in two weeks from that call. I don’t feel there is ever a good time to have to go through this and if I was given more time to think about it I probably could think of a dozen reasons that any month was not a good month. January-Carly’s Birthday, Busy month work, February- Heart Month etc. We gave his cardiologist the green light to send his MRI discs to Edmonton and move forward.

4 thoughts on “After MRI

  1. Glenn Galloway

    I’m sure every thing will fine I think I told you that my son had two strokes when he was eighteen he recovered fully from his two strokes almost right away but he did have open heart surgery in three days after the surgery with great results I think it was harder on his parents than it was on him merry chistmas


  2. Terry Maton

    All is moving forward in a good way.

    I knows it is not easy on you, but William will be quite unconcerned and will deal with it all just fine.

    Love to you all
    Dad xx


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