William is currently in his MRI. It was so hard to leave him when he wasn’t asleep yet but we know he’s in good hands. He did so good with not eating or drinking anything. When I told him he could have whatever he wanted when he was done he said he wants pizza and mixed vegetables.  Funny because he doesn’t even have cheese on his pizza. I’m thinking we will take him to Famousa because he gets to play with dough while they make his pizza. It’s all so real now. I know we will soon have a surgery date and then we will be preparing to go to Edmonton for that. I’m looking forward to December 12th when we head to the Mayan for a week with our kids and friends. The kids don’t know yet as its a surprise and I can’t wait to see their faces. We were trying to work on William’s volume yesterday on the way into Saskatoon but we didn’t have much luck. He likes to talk loud!! I thought we could prep him so he wasn’t so loud on the plane, thank goodness he is cute. This trip will be so nice for us to just get away and have fun with the kids. He should be out of his MRI at 9:30.

Today is also my two year anniversary working for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. William is the reason I took this position and the Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to fund research to help children like William as well as many other types of research. I feel grateful to be able to work for them as my connection is so strong.

We are so thankful to all our family, friends and my co-workers for all their love and support! Means a lot to us!

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