All done for today…

William woke up slowly from the anesthetic and wasn’t upset at all. We waited with him an hour to ensure his vitals were ok and that he could keep fluids down without vomiting it back up. William got to have a yellow Popsicle and as many of you know he loves yellow. He wore his yellow runners to bed for a couple weeks when he first got them. He also wanted yellow glasses, maybe for his next pair. The nurse told us to get him to slowly drink a little bit more and eat a little bit  at a time. I can’t seem to stop him from wanting to eat. He has already had a glass of water, juice, two pieces of toast and an apple. He said there is still room in his tummy for pizza and mixed vegetables so we will definitely do that. He has been doing great and keeping everything down. Still a little wobbly. We will just have a relaxing rest of the day.

We will hear from paediatric cardiology within a week.



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